Wishing Everyone a Relaxing Holiday Weekend

Dear parents,

As we head into the home stretch of remote distance learning, I hope this message finds our families doing well, spending time outside, and taking care of each other.  Teachers, staff, students, and our ‘parents as teachers’ have been working so hard the last few weeks as we near the end of May.  I want to remind all of you to pause and enjoy a long weekend to reflect and re-energize.  While this unprecedented change in our daily lives has certainly given us the opportunity to see new blessings in our lives, it has also posed a variety of different challenges for our families.  I have talked with several of you that are facing circumstances you never imagined just a few short months ago.  I am just sending a gentle reminder to our parents to really take this weekend, if you can, to decompress and relax so that everyone in the family can have sustained, focused energy the last week of May as we head into the final stretch.  Thank you for being willing to support and encourage your kids to “finish strong!”  We are looking forward to our last week of school before the optional School Visitation schedule the first week of June.  As we celebrate Memorial Day, we honor the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military and extend a very special thank you to all military men and women, past and present, for everything you have done for our country.

Here’s to many special moments this coming Memorial Day weekend,  Dr. Meyer, Superintendent   

Grab & Go Meals

Walmart is providing a valuable resource for families this Thursday.  Check it out below

Social – Emotional Health

Hello Lakeland Families, People of all ages are talking about feelings they are having while social distancing is in practice. Our kids have feelings, as well, but each age level brings different ways to show emotions.  Here is a reminder from a resource I’ve learned from called Move This World. It reminds us what our kids are “saying” to us about their feelings, great questions to be asking our kids, and the important reminder that there are professionals to help us if our kids need more.  Stay healthy everyone, Patty Morrison, Federal Programs Director

The LJSD partners with Heritage Health to help coordinate many health needs including needs for greater mental health. They can help you gain school based therapy, but they have multiple services available. Call this number if you would like to explore these options:  For all medical (including mental health) questions or concerns, please call:

Patient Appointment Coordinators

Monday – Friday |     7AM – 6PM        (208) 215-2005

Cloth Face Coverings Needed

In preparation for the June 1-5 Visitation Week, we are asking for donations of cloth face coverings to ensure we have them available at the schools if requested. 


Summer Book Club!

It is again that time of year for Summer Book Club with our kick off ThursdayMay 28! This program is part of Lakeland Literacy Project’s Family Literacy Program and is open to all families in the Kootenai County area.  Parents and their students will work together to enjoy a great book, learn how to foster an acquisition of reading skills, and help our students develop a life-long love of reading. This is a great opportunity for parents to read with their child and participate in rich student-led discussions of fiction. We are excited to surprise you with another great book this summer! Our suggested ages vary depending on your reader, but generally 3rd grade to Jr High school students would enjoy the book club.

This year will be an interesting year for Summer Book club as we will be VIRTUAL! While it is not the same as meeting at the park, we will still  meet weekly online!  You do not have to be tech savvy to join.  We will send you a link and you just click to join us!  This is a free program and all reading materials will be provided.  We ask that you register to help us prepare for our time together.   For more information or to register click HERE or call 687-4371.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!


Technology Updates

Chromebooks (and chargers) will be collected during visitation hours for students the week of June 1-5 on the students assigned day at their home school. Students can take the devices to school and will be called on by class to check it into the Library.  Note: Damages and missing items will be accessed upon check-in and billed accordingly.

Families can also return Chromebooks (and chargers) in the morning and evening of Monday, June 1 at any of the following locations and times: BKE and AE from 6:30 AM – 8:30 AM as well as LJHS and TJHS from 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM.

University of Idaho Summer Programs for Students

Resources for Families

LJSD272 June 1-5, 2020 School Visitation Plan

LJSD Technology Resources for Parents Website – CLICK HERE

Food Bank locations in Kootenai County – CLICK HERE

IdahoPTV’s Youtube Channel

LJSD Website

Grading Protocol

Idaho Stages of reopening – Governor Brad Little

University of Idaho Summer Programs – CLICK HERE

Community Library Network Events and Programs – CLICK HERE


End of Year Bright Spot!

Good evening families!  After weeks of planning and coordination with our local Panhandle Health District, along with required measures from the Governor’s Reopening Stages, yesterday evening our LJSD Board of Trustees approved the School Visitation Plan for the week of June 1-5, 2020. Throughout the planning process, our Trustees have been very supportive of creating a way for all students to have a chance to close out the school year in person.  

Although normal school is not reopening, we have created an optional opportunity for students that we feel is as close to a win-win as possible within required state guidelines.  While this isn’t the ideal scenario for how we had planned to close out our school year, we are thankful for the opportunity to provide in-person closure for our students and staff.  Our entire student body will be divided into five near-equal size groups, according to last name.  Each group (approximately ⅕ of our student body) will be assigned to one day during the week of Monday, June 1 through Friday, June 5, 2020 to “visit” the school and gather personal belongings, participate in modified end of year activities, return technology and other checked out items, and most importantly, create a space for a sense of closure with their classroom teacher(s).  The modified school visitation schedule is listed below.  Attendance is completely optional, students are not required to stay for the full allotted time and families may choose to pick up and drop off for a shorter time on the designated day. The visitation plan includes a reduced schedule and the schools will only be open for 3 – 3½ hours each day.   School Visitation Hours  Buses will be available to transport students to and from school on their normal routes.  Morning routes will be at the normal pick up time and afternoon routes will be on a 3-hour early drop off time. 

Our Grab & Go meals will continue to be available at our four normal locations (Athol Elementary, Hauser Fire Station, Timberlake High, and Lakeland Junior High), but sack lunches will also be available for elementary students during this school visitation week.   Disinfecting protocol, precautionary health measures, and additional information can be found HERE.  Certainly feel free to call your school or the District Office with any questions.  Thank you for your continued support and compassion, Dr. Meyer, Superintendent 

      • Day 1: Monday, June 1 = Last Names A – C 
      • Day 2: Tuesday, June 2 = Last Names D – G
      • Day 3: Wednesday, June 3 = Last Names H – L 
      • Day 4: Thursday, June 4 = Last Names M – R
      • Day 5: Friday, June 5 = Last Names S – Z 

Graduation Information

Coming soon …. more information from your high school principal regarding graduation plans for our seniors. Honoring the 2020 seniors is our top priority!  

Grab & Go Meals Update

Our Nutrition Services Team is providing Grab & Go Meals for free to any child in our community seven days a week.  They have done an outstanding job of providing this outstanding service!  Last Friday, the team handed out 3096 meals to children at our four locations.  Please help us in thanking the Nutrition Services Team for their hard work and dedication to making sure our local children have meals every day.

Social Emotional Health

Hello Lakeland Families! I’ve spoken to people within our Lakeland community every day this week and I am noticing that we seem to be at the point in this crisis where most people are experiencing more stress than usual. The positive part is that I’m hearing people express how they’re feeling and naming their emotions. I’ve mentioned Dr. Marc Brackett in previous outreaches. He reminds us that identifying how we are feeling, recognizing how our body and mind feel, and naming our emotions is good practice for our mental health. Below are some resources for you and your family as you continue to work and learn from home. The first is a very quick video with simple suggestions for dealing with stress within our homes. The following list contains ample resources for more activities to support your children’s emotional learning during this time.  Wishing you well, Patty Morrison – Director of Federal Programs

PBS: PBS Kids Daily – Sign up for a daily newsletter with activities and tips you can use to help kids play and learn at home

Jennifer Miller: Confident Parents Confident Kids blog – Jennifer Miller’s blog is all about how family members can support social and emotional development at home, and recent posts provide a range of quality resources and ideas for supporting SEL during school closures

Scholastic: Learn at Home: Free Resources for School Closures – 20 days of active learning activities and projects, with different plans for students in grades PreK to 9

Great Schools: School Closure Learning Guide During Coronavirus – Includes free worksheets, book lists, parenting cue cards for tough moments, and a roundup of online education resources

xSEL Labs: SEL In An Unplanned Home School Setting – Ideas for setting expectations, teaching SEL competencies in context, motivating, and staying connected with social support networks

AIR: Building Positive Conditions for Learning at Home: Strategies and Resources for Families and Caregivers – Four basic elements for parents on creating a supportive learning space at home, with concrete strategies in both English and Spanish

Resources for Families

LJSD Technology Resources for Parents Website – CLICK HERE

Food Bank locations in Kootenai County – CLICK HERE

IdahoPTV’s Youtube Channel

LJSD Website

Grading Protocol

Idaho Stages of reopening – Governor Brad Little


Teacher Appreciation Week!

We all know how incredibly hard it is to be a teacher and now more than ever, people throughout the world are recognizing just how magical classroom teachers actually are!  In our regular school environment, teachers juggle the diverse demands of teaching for an entire day with a FULL room of students, while maximizing growth with each student.  The District’s exemplary student achievement demonstrates how truly successful our LJSD teachers are in this endeavor.  We owe a great debt of gratitude to our loyal and dedicated teaching staff – what a blessing for our community 💗 During our closure, many adults are getting an opportunity to experience the teaching world.  We will honor not only the classroom teachers this year, but you at home.  We recognize the parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, and family members who are teaching at home and doing the absolute best for our students.  Take a moment to send out a message of gratitude to all the teachers in our students’ lives.  They all deserve our appreciation!  In this truly unprecedented Teacher Appreciation Week, let’s honor our community of teachers and recognize how much they do for our students – the future of our world!! Thanks for your ongoing support, Dr. Meyer, LJSD Superintendent

A Message from Lisa Sexton, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning

Greetings Parents and Guardians!  I hope this communication finds everyone healthy!  While we are focusing on ending this strange year in a positive way for our students, we are also planning for the upcoming 2020-21 school year.  The registration portal is now open online for all new students. It is important to note that we are in the “pre registration” period of this process.  This means that you are free to complete the online paperwork and upload the required documents (state certified birth certificate, immunization record, and proof of residency) if you are enrolling students new to the district; this includes all of our incoming kindergartners.  If your child attended one of our Lakeland schools last year, you need only update the forms that you find in your portal.  In August, our principals and admin assistants will begin looking at each registration and approving them one at a time.  Prior to final approval, you will receive an email indicating that you have at least one final form to complete.  Once that form is submitted you will have completed the registration process and your application will be approved.  If you have a 2020-21 senior in your home, there is a new immunization requirement about which you need to be aware.  Seniors who received their first dose of meningococcal vaccine before age 16 must have two doses prior to beginning their senior year.  Students who received their first dose at 16 years or older or those who have never received a dose must have one dose prior to the start of the senior year.  You will need to upload the updated immunization record when you register your senior.  Please reach out to our school nurses if you have any questions about this new requirement (jgerstenberger@lakeland272.org or mharding@lakeland272.org). To assist you with the process of registration, our helpful Technology staff put together a video tutorial found here.  If you have any questions or need any assistance with the online registration, please call the district office at 208-687-0431 and someone will be happy to assist you. 

National School Nurses Day

Our school nurses work very hard to ensure the health of our students.  Please join us in giving thanks to our LJSD nurses: Judy Gerstenberger, Michelle Harding and Sue Bates!

Tech Resources

Each week, our Technology Department will add one new useful item to the TECH RESOURCES WEBSITE.  This website is a valuable resource for parents in this online world our students are living in.  This week, parents of K- 3rd graders can learn how to download iStation for ISIP testing. 

Meals Reminder!

This Friday, our Nutrition Services team will be handing out three days worth of breakfast and lunch to cover the weekend for the children of our district.  There will be no Grab & Go meals on Saturday and Sunday (5/9 & 5/10).







Social-Emotional Health

Our TLC and Federal Programs Director, Patty Morrison continues to find ways for families to support the social-emotional health of children.  Although lengthy, we are sharing a VALUABLE RESOURCE on feelings and emotional regulation from Marc Brackett, the Director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence as well as a short video for parents to watch on this important topic.

Stacie Lawler, TJHS Teacher and State of Idaho Teacher of the Year recently took part in a podcast to talk about shining the spotlight on students’ mental health.  Check out the interview below!

Helpful Resources

IdahoPTV’s Youtube Channel

LJSD Website

Grading Protocol

Idaho Stages of reopening – Governor Brad Little