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The Answer is YES

Dear LJSD Parents, 

During these unsettled times, you may wonder whether you are leading your child in the right direction.  Are you doing enough? What if you don’t understand the new math they are working on (don’t worry, this comes up for all of us!!). Where is the sweet spot between too many and too few expectations?  How do we hold our kids responsible while still providing the appropriate amount of empathy during this school closure? Will your student be ready for next school year? The answer is YES.  You are doing what is best for your family.  Your child is still learning and growing every day, it is simply taking place in your home environment. Parents are still and always will be their child’s first and best teacher.  You are doing the right things. The silver lining in this storm is that our world has taken a pause and our focus is on family.  Families have had more time with each other than ever before and are learning new activities and making memories together that will last a lifetime.  You have probably heard this is a “once in a generation” event.  If that is true, let’s make sure the memories we are creating with our kids will be ones they look back on with fondness and gratitude for all we did to help focus on the positives and find the joy.  We have the privilege of influencing the future attitude of our children when they approach any problem in the future.  They will know that they can handle any obstacle with grace and perseverance, recognizing their own industriousness and self-efficacy.  As parents, I hope we all commit to using this unprecedented time to bring out the best in each other and ensure the future of our community, our kids, will be better on the other side by our modeling of resiliency and strength.  Thank you for being the best group of parents one could ask to work with – I appreciate all you are doing, Dr. Meyer, Superintendent 

A Message from our Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning

Hello Parents and Guardians!  Thank you for supporting your students through our remote learning endeavor!  I have some exciting news.  The Idaho State Department of Education has partnered with Idaho Public TV and Idaho Businesses for Education to bring teachers and lessons to your homes each day, Monday through Friday, for the remainder of the school year.  Each week teachers from around the state will lead lessons for students in grades 3-6.  You can find these lessons in two locations: at IdahoPTV’s Youtube Channel or Idaho Public TV channels.  These channels are free and available with an antennae at 99% of Idaho family homes.  For a list of channels carrying Idaho Public TV check here.  Lessons air at 7:00 am for third grade, 8:00 for fourth, 9:00 for fifth, and 10:00 for sixth.  If the times aren’t conducive to your family’s schedule, lessons can be saved on your DVR or watched anytime online.  One exciting note, Lakeland teachers will teach lessons the week of May 18th and will be broadcast throughout Idaho!  We hope you are able to tune in for engaging, hands-on learning with Idaho teachers.  Take care of each other and stay healthy!

Warm Regards,

Lisa Sexton, Assistant Superintendent

Social – Emotional Health

Finding the motivation to continue with regular learning in the home environment especially on sunny days can prove difficult.  Our TLC and Federal Programs Director, Patty Morrison wants to share with families THIS RESOURCE to help in moving forward towards the end of our school year

Virtual Field Trip

There are many interesting things to find within the city of Rathdrum.  How about a virtual field trip brought to you by Mr. Worthen, longtime volunteer and former teacher at John Brown Elementary School. Third grade students in our district typically take a field trip to tour the city, so this is an awesome why to access this field trip in our virtual world.


Tech Updates

Our technology department continues to work on getting hotspots for families that do not have internet access.  We have also requested help from the Idaho Business Association in getting donations of WiFi access for families in our district.  Also, the Guest WiFi is opened up for anyone to use in all school parking lots.  CLICK HERE for a list of home internet options and resources


Meals Update


What does Learning Look Like in your Home?

Helpful Links

LJSD Website

Grading Protocol


Hello Families!

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

I hope all of our district families enjoyed the Easter weekend with their loved ones.  While we have all been adjusting to a new routine and trying to find balance in our lives, I wanted to let you know that I will be maintaining a weekly update with families each Wednesday evening in order to pass along pertinent information as we move towards the end of our school year.  The goal of this weekly update is to relay important information in one email so as not to overwhelm you from multiple sources. You can expect information regarding closure, meals, technology, grading, and anything else that may be vital to our district moving forward. We are committed to providing an exemplary remote distance education for our students, while being sensitive to the great impact this pandemic has had on our community.  Thank you for your continued partnership in this endeavor, Dr. Meyer, Superintendent 


CLICK HERE for the LJSD Grading Protocol

As we finish the designated soft start period to ensure all students have access to education and technology, parents are asking, “How are schools going to be monitoring student learning from now until the end of the year?” Assessment of student learning is utilized to provide students, parents, and teachers with the appropriate information necessary to monitor progress toward the mutually understood intended outcomes.  In this new era of remote learning, it is important that parents and students understand how we are monitoring learning through feedback. The feedback students receive from their teachers is intended to provide guidance on strength areas and content areas the student still needs to improve in, so students know where to focus their learning energy.  This will guide further growth in mastery of content and understanding of the essential standards. The Grading Protocol below is an overview of the approach our district is taking in order to provide students with feedback. Our daily mission of maximizing student learning is still foremost in our mind and we understand this will need to be adjusted to meet the needs of each and every student in this unique learning environment. Our staff is 100% committed to providing all students with meaningful learning opportunities and connection. We also remain committed to being flexible and responsive to individual student circumstances. Please reach out to teachers if you need us to adjust for your son/daughter. Thank you again for your patience and support as we navigate this new platform of learning, Dr. Meyer and the entire LJSD Teaching staff

Free Meals 7 Days a Week!

Need Help With Your Chromebook?

Social – Emotional Health

Do you need some motivation for remote learning? Patty Morrison, our TLC and Federal Programs Director has some motivation for families to use while navigating these very strange times. 



LJSD Board Meetings


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Hello Parents!

Update for Parents: 

I hope you are all staying healthy and active during the school closure.  I know kids can get quite restless being at home all day, so we have included some fun things to do below.  A decision is expected on Monday, but it is looking very likely that the State Board of Education will be keeping schools closed for the remainder of the school year.  The LJSD remote distance learning program will officially begin on Monday, April 6. In order to best meet the educational needs of all of our students, please make sure to pick up a Chromebook for your child(ren) if you don’t have access to technology at home (info below).  The distance learning program our staff has designed will not only maintain the important connection between students, classmates and teacher, but will allow our students to access the essential learning standards, as well. We know the current circumstance puts a strain on families trying to balance home-work-learning-life; our goal is to provide as many resources as possible to support our families.  Please know we are keeping the best interest of our students at the heart of every decision we make. We continue to send you all happy, healthy wishes, Dr. Meyer, Superintendent 

Guidance for Parents


We are all in this together and we understand that this may be overwhelming.  Take a breath and one step at a time.  Click the link below for guidance on how to get started.

A Strong Start to Remote Learning – LJSD Parent Guide to helping your child(ren)

Hands On Learning Opportunities at Home

  • The LJSD has purchased licenses to support your child at home
  • Do It Yourself website
    • Large library of hands-on projects and how-to videos
  • To sign your child up, email to create your account

Other Resources for Parents

Chromebook Checkout!


In an effort to promote social distancing and abide by the stay home order as best we can, Lakeland Joint School District is going to alter the Chromebook checkout process.  Education is considered essential in the Executive Order, so the updated checkout process will meet the spirit of the order. It will be a drive-through pickup situation similar to student pickup at the end of a school day. It would be very helpful for us if you would print and fill out the opt-in, opt-out Insurance Form beforehand so that when you get to the front of the line then we can just hand you a device. The form is required even if you are declining insurance so that we have parent approval for the student to take home a device. While we would prefer you visit your home school, if that time absolutely does not work or you have kids in more than one school, you can attend any session.  

Thank you, Chad Parson, Instructional Technology Director 

  • Drive-through procedure at all Schools
    • Similar to after-school pickup process of students.  
    • If you have your opt-in, opt-out form already filled out then personnel will wave you by those who are still filling it out (you need one for each Chromebook requested).
    • Stay in your car and pull up as it becomes your turn.
    • Parent in the car at the front of the line hands insurance form and money (cash or check), if purchasing the insurance, (in envelope or ziplock baggie) to the money handler.
    • Parent then provides Student Name and Student ID number to an employee who enters it on the spreadsheet.
    • Another employee hands the parent a Chromebook and off you go
    • Note: We do not currently have hotspots to give out but if you email then we will put you on the list to get one when they come in.
  • Home Internet Options & Resources